Outtakes From The Portfolio With Edilson


When we shot Edilson for the first Portfolio Made In Brazil, we tried a few different things, but I ended up going for the pictures Marcio del Nero shot on the rooftop. Some of the other images were so great though that I decided to post them as well. Check out the pictures which did not make it to the final spread with Edilson after the jump.





Needless to say, the last picture with the tiara is by far my favorite of the bunch. There are also new pictures of Edilson at Ohlala Mag.

Click on images to enlarge. All images copyright Made In Brazil.


He really is gorgeous!

Edilson is the best
I him with the pole and with that little "quinceañera" tiara
he is so cute that would look amazing in any situation

Didi ♥

OMG Edilson is the hottest man on earth!

He's just beautiful...and that smile!

Edilson is a Boss

Not a Boy, Mot a Man. Just PURE PERFECTION made from God's Hands.

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