Stalking Evandro Soldati


With girlfriend Yasmim Brunet at a Shopping da Gávea in Rio during Carnival weekend. More after the jump.




Good heavens one of the reasons why I love Brazil so much is that one can go shopping in a major Mall in tongs,bermudas or shorts and no one would bat an eye. Evandro is so hunky!
I'll bet he had guys shivering with hope and fantasy when he went to the Mall's mensroom for a pee.LOL!

He has such a weird face ... His modeling pictures always look amazing & he's really good looking but in polaroids & candids he always looks weird & never looks like a model ... Strange.

Yasmin looks ill. I never usually pick up on models being thin & ill looking but she certainly does.


Who cares about those manic "heterosexual" men that are dominating our whole society as a product of an absurd social construction and collective indoctrination, implemented since the middle ages. We should concentrate on men that go their own way and are self-conscious and emancipated enough to show their HOMOsexual orientation without any restriction. We should certainly NOT participate in spreading heteronormative propaganda!

I think they are a cute couple...models never look the same in profesional pics(they are always retouched with photoshop) but thet are actually regular people who to go to malls and wear "comfty" clothes during the day.
And about the diversityandequality comment about spreading "heteronormativo propaganda" thats weird I men yes many straight people including celebritys and models(who are not really celebritys like Isabeli Fontana) are homophobic,but if we gay people took the same attitude we are going to be "heterophobic" and we are not showing respect for their diversity,how can we expect them to have respect for us?

would someone please feed the girl.

someone hand her a sandwich!

"heteronormative propaganda"? we should make anti-propaganda and post this as "oh my god, look, guy and girl, gross" then? that's insane!

"models never look the same in profesional pics"

Not true.

"they are always retouched with photoshop"

Not true. Lighting & makeup is way more important & retouching generally doesn't interfere with their facial structure etc... celebs it's a different story.

"many straight people including celebritys and models(who are not really celebritys like Isabeli Fontana) are homophobic"

Uh, perhaps in Brazil but I work with straight models on a daily basis & they are the opposite of homophobic - They realise that there are many gay men in fashion & they embrace it.

I enjoyed the pics and the comments above (some which brought a huge smile to my face)!

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