On His Way To New York


Newcomer Bruno Vaz is headed to New York and then Paris. Word is that Tetu has already confirmed a spread with the 18-year-old Brazilian.

Click on images to enlarge. Polas courtesy of Marco Negry.


Like a beefy Gael García Bernal.

Gawd knows Tetu ALWAYS has gorgeous guys on their covers! I'll certainly look out for the cuming one with Bruno on the cover. From what I see here I might even buy the issue.

He must only be doing Tetu in Paris ... No way will he be doing high fashion b/c he'll never get into the clothes in Paris or Milan for that matter ... Rather than athletic [a la Miro/Andre/Evandro etc..] he's just bulky, he'll need to lose muscle if he wants to do high fashion .... Other than that he's kinda average compared to other Brazilian models.

I like his profile....beautiful nose, eyes and jawline. Very masculine and sexy. As others have said, he should loose some weight and loose muscles on the shoulders and chest.

somebody get him a neck, he has none

you complain so much, for god's sake... that guy is freaking gorgeous!!

18? Sure.

yes, he IS gorgeous... but I do agree, I dont think he'll be doing high fashion. I mean he's got a great profile, I like his urban kinda-rough look but he's a little heavy on the upper body, and that matters up there.

I agree with bloggerquest...

He complain so much, for god's sake... that guy is freaking gorgeous!!

Bruno is perfect and he don't a FASHIO MODEL... he's commercial and HOT model... TV, magazines and more...

I like his nipple and his body is hot as well.

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