National Underwear Day In Brazil


The third annual national underwear day took place in Brasília yesterday, organized by fashion website Finíssimo. Thirty two models strolled down Conjunto Nacional and Rodoviária do Plano Piloto in nothing but underwear. Check out pictures after the jump.









All pictures by Gustavo Froner, courtesy of Finíssimo. More coming tomorrow.


LOL I think every city should have a day like this! Bravo Brasilia!

Oh my God! I wish I was there. So many fine hot men!!!!!
Congrats Brasilia, that was awesome.

Here are other pics on an italian online magazine:

Wow! The models are HOT!!! BUT the campaign itself is a sham, organized and market by big business... unlike a national or global AIDS awareness day. Now that's legitimate!

oh nice days

days like these, when the snow is falling and hot and cold flashes due to a stubborn cold is all you get in sweden, this website sure make me feel warmer :) thank you for making my days! xoxo

oh nice days

What fun!

I would love to have been there. The gals and guys are truly wonderful "eye candy!" But, I am more prone to take a guy over a gal.

Looks like the company wanted white Brazilians and sprinkled in a few token darker skinned models for good measure.

Micah at least its progress, no doubt 5 years ago you wouldn't see any dark models. Plus you have to remember the majority of white Brazilians are mixed race as are the majority of black Brazilians so really those models are a spectrum of Brazil's people.

Personally I love National Underwear day; wish the States did this.

The Male Models in flipflops (havaianas of course) are simply wonderful!

And very sexy Girls!
Viva Brazil!

Didn't notice any thongs or g-strings . . .

No other country in the world can compete with Brazilians as for looks, personalities etc.
Can you image the uproar in the USA if it happened there, my god those preachers would be flying off the rafters.

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