2,000 Shirtless Guys At The Week Rio

Below is a look at the jam packed dancefloor at The Week in Rio this past Saturday during Carnival.

Thanks Greg and Ricardo for sending the videos.


Hi big fan of your site. It's an almost daily read for me.

Question: do any of the big gay carnival parties play samba? or is mostly the same circuit music you can hear just about anywhere in the gay world? If the latter is true, its a pity, Samba's rhythms are so infectious and glorious - its what comes to mind when i think about when Carnival or for that matter Brazil in general. Thanks.

Why even bother traveling all the way to Rio de Janeiro for Carnaval and spend your Saturday night listening to run-of-the-mill gay club music? What surprises me most is the sheer volume of Brazilians that attend these events! Hey guys: carnaval is once a year - 3 official nights only - leave The Week for the remaining 51 weekends!

God, I was there!!!

As always, it looks like a good time was had by all! One day.....

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