The Boys In Milan

Is it just me or is there a shortage of Brazilian models on the runways in Milan this season?



From top to bottom, left to right: Luiz Afonso, Thomaz de Oliveira, Michael Camiloto, Carlos Sander, David Jensen, and Lucas Mascarini.

As much as I love the boys above, it is time for agencies here to start developing new talent.


Or is it just a shortage of shows??.. i heard from friends milan was flat as a pancake this season.

luiz afonso,um gaucho com ares aristocraticos,arrebentando nas passarelas européias.lindoooo!

luiz afonso,um gaucho com ares aristocraticos,arrebentando nas passarelas européias.lindoooo!

Michael Camiloto has a magical kind of beauty, just like Evandro Soldati.

gorgeous. men and looks.

If Francisco Lachowski of "Debuting in Milan" is any sign of things to come from Brazil, there might be a problem.

"Or is it just a shortage of shows?"

No! Hardly any have been cancelled given the current financial crisis & at the end of the day, it's only the major shows that count & most of the huge labels have loads of cash behind them, even in a downturn ...

As for Brazilian models ... many of the guys who have been featured here could do well in Milan but for some reason few are being sent [it seems] ... Compared to Americans, Brits, Canadians, Continental Europeans the Brazilians are definitely being underrepresented at the moment ... is it the cost in sending new guys to Europe? Visa issues? The big Milan agencies?

I think you need to ask your friend Sergio ...

has henzo hülle tiussi completely disappeared off the radar or is he maybe an exclusive for something? i was looking forward to see how he and bruce machado would do this season but they were no where to be found in milan, and so far in paris. hopefully we'll see something new from them soon.

Where's Edilson when we need him?

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