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After being a little absent last season, I am thrilled to see Flavia Oliveira working the runways in São Paulo this week (because not many girls can walk like she can). She opened Forum Tufi Duek yesterday, and told me before the show that she is headed to Paris next to do couture.

Watch the Forum Tufi Duek fall 2009 show after the jump.


those girls are amazing.
what's the name of this song?

Exotic! Sassy! A collection even the models must have enjoyed introducing!

I HEART Flavia too! I hope she's still with Santiago. They make such a sweet couple.

You should make a site only for ugly straight men...

You're a shame for any proud gay boy or man!

I still hope she is with Santi, and they get married, like Federico Moyano and Romina Lanarro.

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