Jesus Will Not Walk The Brazilian Runways

According to newspaper O Globo, model Jesus Pinto da Luz will not be doing any shows in Rio and São Paulo this season. The newcomer declined offers of over R$ 30,000 to walk the Brazilian runways, even though his rate before all the Madonna rumors was only R$ 400 per show.

Jesus is rumored to be breaking his contract with 40 Graus Models in Rio to pursue an interest in photography in New York with the help of Steven Klein.


what a sell-out!

he's dumb he should take the offer before his 15 mins of fame is up

So he is Steven Kleins boyfriend?

good for him! march to your own drumbeat kid and follow your dream.

Why would he?!?.....when he believes he can walk on water instead!

Well I don't think that he is so special.

If this is something that can give him a real future, it might be a very smart move on his part. Chances are he probably couldn't do as well as others being paid the same and it would be quite office. He could be remembered for that without much of a future or possibly for something he might actually be quite good at in the future.

When this guy's photos appeared a few weeks back, I didn't like his look then, and I still don't! He looks too womanish for me!

If he fails in his decision, he'll regret it at this young, tender age!


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