A Sneak Peak At Rodrigo Calazans For Junior

Rodrigo Calazans posed for the cover of the upcoming issue of Junior magazine two weeks ago in Rio. The spread was photographed by Vicente de Paulo at samba school Acadêmicos do Salgueiro, with styling by Felipe Veloso. Here is a first look.


Another shot of Rodrigo for Junior after the jump.


Click on the image above to enlarge it.

All pictures courtesy of Revista Junior.


Good Lord I didn't realise what a gorgeous and effing sexy MF Rodrigo is until now!
I Want That Body! I'm literally slurrrping and licking these pictures on my PC screen....phew I'm going to have a cigarette now.Obrigado!

Wow! You can clearly see his richard and testes....a big bulge on his speedo!

They are not going subtle about the man's genitalia, are they?

I kinda dislike it.

Jean F.

He seems like a nice boy to me.

I absolutety love Rodrigo, but i would feel violated if i had to wear that swimsuit

Wow! I think they did a better job of selling what he's got than Butch did....he seems less angular. But that second photo and all I think of is the music video of "Hollaback Girl". Thanks for sharing!

samba school é ótemo.
imagina os gringos lendo isso...
parabens pelo blog.

His nuts are HOT!

OK, they are our, (Vila Isabel's) competition, but I can really have a wek spot for those drums!!

This guy is beyond H O T !!!

His body is incredible - face of a Greek god and body of a Brazilian delicious devil.
Ha tempos nao vejo um boff tao gostozzo!

Your blog is amazing! Keep the awesome work coming!

Is JUNIOR magazine available in the United States? I need to get a copy....NOW!

One of the things I've been noticing lately is that photographers are definitely not going subtle when it comes to men's genitalia. I don't think this is bad as long as the result does not come cheap...

I love the way Rodrigo looks. He's gotta a great bod; definitely hot...
And I love the extra volume inside his trunks...

I applaud Rodrigo; he's scorching hot and unfortunately, unavailable!

He is prominent in all the right places a man can be!

I didn't say it but I like the swimsuit and the way it fits. When you are well hung there are still days when you really want to feel like you are. You want to wear something that really shows it. This be a suit for one of those days.

yes, in this way!

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