Vote For The Hottest Brazilian Of 2008

It is time to vote for the hottest Brazilian of the year again. The eight finalists were selected based on their popularity here on the blog, and their exposure in the media in general throughout the past year.





From left to right, top to bottom, the nominees are Edilson Nascimento, Cauã Reymond, Alex Schultz, Miro Moreira, Marlon Teixeira, Felipe Torretta, Romulo Arantes Neto, and Carlos Freire. You can cast your vote below.

Who is the hottest Brazilian of 2008?
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The poll closes on Sunday night, December 21st. You can vote once a day.


great choices.....

you tottally forgot rodrigo calazans and malvino salvador
shame on you

I vote Calazans :D

What an interesting cross-section of Brazilians!


No way, dude, you gotta be outta ya bloody mind hehehhe:D Romulo "I am the best" Arantes over Mr Allender? The hottest Brazilian is no one other than Ramirez, in my humble opinion!

I vote for Levy Christiano


hey you forgot the new terra boy bernando! all i want for christmas is bernando!

i didn't know that only white people lived in brazil!

Golly, gee whiz! Would it kill you to look outside the constraints of the priviledged caucasoids?

Ramirez Allender is hotter than any of these guys. Glad I frequently visit Rio/Bahia, if not, you would get the mistaken impression that all the guys are white..... NOT!!

what's the deal with these black/white/brown comments? such comments are actually what's racist around here. what's skin color got to do with a hottest list? if you're on the list you're on it, if not you're not. this is not miss universe where every country and race is supposed to be represented. get off your nosebleed pedestals and direct your outrage somewhere else where you can actually make a difference.

Where's Dado...?

I scroll past all the fashion stuff usually.

EVANDRO SOLDATI should be on this list! He's perfection personified....

Fed Up

You don't get it do you? The fact that a country with millions and millions of Black and Brown and every other mix on the planet can't come up with ONE hot non-white guy is just straight up racist.

It's like here in the US when for almost 100yrs there were no Miss America contestants of color. Finally, Vanessa Williams broke the barrier. Of course she ended up resigning in disgrace, which nearly killed us black people, however, can anyone name another Miss America?

If you Brazilians would just open up your eyes to the beauty around you , you would see that there truly is beauty in every color and then, Fed Up, maybe we would stop belly aching about this.

Personally, while the guys are cute, I can't get past the fact that it looks like they are from some country where everyone spit out a variation of the same baby.

I like this blog , but, I am going to stop Twittering it and unlink it from my own blog if some efforts aren't made to be a leader on this subject. That may not seem like a lot, however, I have personally turned dozens if not hundreds of people on to this blog. I am going to write about race , gays and fashion at the end of this week and will use this as a prime example of what I am thinking is a worldwide problem with race in the gay community.

I find all this race discussion interesting for a few reasons:

1) I don't command media in Brazil, I just keep up with it, and dissect what I think is interesting to my readers.
2) I personally take the time to write to magazine editors and photographers, and suggest that they shoot black and more ethnic models.
3) I often ask bookers and agencies for polas of new ethnic models. I never get them.
4) I spent all year promoting a new Brazilian girl called Gracie Carvalho; not because she is black, but because she is an amazing model.
5) I was the first one to post years ago that Victoria's Secret should pay attention to Emanuela de Paula. I was also one of the first to post about American model Chanel Iman.
6) Whenever there are any black Brazilians in the media, I always make sure to post links to the articles or pictures.
7) I have never claimed that Made In Brazil is an accurate portrayal of the country. It is Brazilian media filtered by my point of view, which I can certainly guarantee is not a racist one.

While I have been trying my best to make sure there is more variety here, what is it that some of you have been doing? I am open to change, but I cannot do it alone. If the way race in the country is portrayed in this blog bothers some of you, then please stop complaining about it, and help me make things better. I am always open to discuss race issues in the country, and have done so many times in the past.

I fully applaud you!

As an American I try to be very careful about pointing out my perceptions of another country (lord knows we Americans have done enough of that).

I do have to say that your continued efforts on behalf of people of color are commendable.

Can I ask a question as an interested reader and Non-Brazilian?

What IS the issue? I just can't understand the racial dynamic in Brazil. What is it truly like there especially in the Gay community? Is there no interaction between the colors? Our gay "community" here is pretty bad at it , but, with the failure of No on 8 we seem to be getting some idea that a racial divide in the Gay community does not serve any real purpose.

Has Brazil not had it's NO on 8 moment? It's Stonewall? Even it's Selma, Alabama for it's racial minority (majority?).

Brazilians always tell me that color is not an issue there, yet, your experience with bookers (I was one and they are the most racist bunch of idiots in the entertainment world along with fashionistas) and editors, photographers, etc., show that color is not an issue because (maybe) they choose not to see the racism in that statement.

I want to stress that I am truly interested and wish you well. I actually am keeping up on Brazilian celebrities I have never heard of! LOl! You're blog is well written and laid out and please forgive me if I was too harsh on you.

i don't see what you guys are complaining, ONE of the models is white, all the others are mixed. their skin color is very representative of what you'd see on the streets of sao paulo and rio.

brazilians in general are predominantly mixed (some saying there's more than 180 different skin colors), and have been mixed from the very beginning. the segregation there was never as strong as in the us. in the us ppl still today are very conscious of their color and tend to date mostly ppl of their own color, religion and origin.

wouldn't it be much more productive for the us citizens to concentrate on fixing the racial problems first in the us?

thank you MIB for your comment and in general for sharing interesting brazil-related information with us on your blog.

there are many adjectives i can think of to describe your blog and racist is certainly not one of them.

i am asian-american but i'm not about to complain why there is no asian on your hottest list or the amount of asians that have been featured on your blog even though there are also many beautiful asian-brazilians (leandro okabe comes to mind). there's a time and place for everything and i try not to raise foul where there is none.

your blog is a favorite of mine and of my friends. i don't comment much but i do enjoy and read it everyday. in the past we've also picked up a few ideas here that we've followed through on our various trips to brazil and other latin american countries. i recall an old post that you did on buenos aires which actually inspired us to fly across to argentina from sampa and enjoy the places you mentioned like las lilas.

i hope that sometime you could also write a little more about your hometown (?) porto alegre too if that's ok. we're planning to visit rio grande do sul next year and it'd be interesting to see your perspective.

parabens cara e espero q tudo vai em paz com vc e a sua familia. tbm tenha um feliz natal! bjs

oh, this is so ridiculos !
people from brazil isn't black !
i am brazilian, and i'm white.

adoro o blog, e esses cara são demais.

What's all about on putting presure to have black guys on here. If theu are not here that's because they haven't been voted, nothing to do with racism. What are those gringoes complaining about? There are millions of blacks in USA and UK and other countries in the world and they always come with things such Brad Pitt, David Beckham and so on. Show us your blacks and we will show ours. So look after your boys and leave us to look after ours. Yeah Brazil has all types and colors as does USA and UK and many other countries and the world, but they never assume that, saying they are white countries! Assume we are all Mix race countries, that's all!

Olá!Tenho o modelo de homem que vcs procuram, nome dele é Mauricio,tem 20 anos, meu sobrinho, modelo bem brasileiro, tipo de cachinhos e sarado...qual é o site, e-mail que posso enviar uma foto dele para vcs terem uma idéia de como ele é um GATO. Aposto nele e em vcs, pois terão muito sucesso juntos. Por favor dêem uma oportunidade, não se arrependerão. Obrigada pela grande atenção!

I've been following the blog for a while and know the writer in person. And he's made his point brilliantly in his comment above. So this fuss about the blog being racist is totally out of question now. But, as a mirror of what goes on here, the choice of the nominees tells us a lot about what our consumers - which the industry aims at - want.

I myself have a crush on models like Ramirez and found this list a bit uninteresting (I didn't even bother to vote). All models are handsome indeed, Felipe and Edilson are supercute and Carlos Freire has the chiseled body everybody would die for... but there's some sort of spice missing here.

Anyway, they're on top now. And MIB can't be blamed for that.

I voted for Cauã Reymond for his big brown eyes, his gorgeous smile, and that cockduster 'stache he sported a while ago. His cockduster was somehow quite dorky, yet extremely handsome at the same time. If you don't think it was hot, check out the link to behind-the-scene's pics from 7/11/2007, "Cauã's Got Back", also the "Eterna Magia, Capitulo 3, Parte 1" vid on YouTube.

I also like how he was willing to cry on national tv on Domingão do Faustão on Aug. 17, 2008. It was during a "Arquivo Confidencial" segment. It's on the video section of the Globo site. "Surpresa para Cauã Reymond."

Hiiiiiiiii !!!!
Cat's ; Cat's and moree Cat'ss !!
number one in my heard !! *-*

Kiiss mee =**

I know I am coming in here late to this discussion, but I feel it is necessary to read this:

The most interesting part to me was this"

"All but one of the first 48 beauty queens who became Miss Brazil were white.

Only lately have universities been required by law to set aside places for Afro-Brazilians.

Some like to think that Brazil is colour-blind, that race does not matter. But if you look at the numbers you can tell that race does matters: whites have far more education than blacks and make twice as much money. Of those who cannot read, only one third are white."

Clearly by some of the comments from your Brazilian readers, there is a disconnect when it comes to race. For someone to say "people of Brazil aren't black. I'm Brazilian and I'm white!" let's you know there is a big problem.

I am grateful for your comment on this issue, MIB, but I must say that in all the times that I have seen this issue brought up in the comments, this is the FIRST time I have ever seen you address it. Since the Brazilian mainstream is locked in a color barrier, maybe it is time for you to seek more underground sources that appreciate more diverse colors of male beauty. Pointing a finger at the media and saying that THEY won't change is not enough! YOU have to take the initiative to find and present "the darker side."

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