Get Stupid: Madonna For Vogue Brazil


It is pretty cool that Vogue Brazil scored some exclusive pictures of Madonna by Steven Klein (from the shoot of the Get Stupid video played during her concert) for its December issue, but am I the only one who thinks the picture looks a little freaky? That font in red (which we all recognize from the Confessions Tour) does not help much either.

You know what is even more scary than that cover? Madonna does not play in São Paulo until the 18th, but there are already fans camping in line in front of Morumbi Stadium to get a spot next to the stage when the gates open in 8 days. I always wonder how those people eat, shower, and use the bathroom. Guess I am better off not knowing.



The city of São Paulo has asked fans to take down their tents this morning.

Madonna lands in the country this coming Friday. She has been authorized not to go through customs when she lands in Rio. All her papers will be filed from inside the airplane. According to Folha Online, she has requested bullet proof Audis A8 for herself, her kids, and her personal security.

More scans of the spread for Vogue Brazil after the jump.



All scans via Madonna Online.


why are we still talking about this woman who didn't do shit for our community during the Prop 8??????????

what a woman(who dosn't even live anymore in the states)can do against all the ignorant and homophobic sector of the american population?

Madonna is moving back home now that she's divorced scumbag Ritchie. Yay!

As far as prop 8 goes, she is not responsble for gays or gay rights.

Loving the Vogue Brazil shots by Steven Klein! That eyepatch shot is off the hook.

ur crazy
she looks amazing
dont trip just becuz shes not playing in sao paulo

She is playing Sao Paulo, three nights actually: 18, 20, 21.

ugliest cover in the history of Vogue. Her new tour is great, she'll rock Rio!!!!

she talked about prop 8 in her los angleles show ,she said "im disapointed that prop8 passed, but if we can have a black president we can have gay marriage too, we will not stop fighting"

that is something

still i also was expecting a donation or something

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