Talking Ice Cream

I am absolutely addicted to ice cream. I have visited every major ice cream shop in Sicily and Italy, but none of them compare to the ice cream at Arlecchino in Punta del Este. This year the traditional heladeria finally opened a second shop, located strategically in Manantiales, on the way to Jose Ignacio.


I highly recommend trying monte bianco, flan de dulce de leche, and tiramisu.



HAPPY 2009

It sounds absolutely YUMMY!
From one ice cream-a-holic to another... A HAPPY NEW '09!

I love Häagen-Dazs. But it has too many calories per gram! I always feel guilty when I eat it.

You say you've been to every major gelato store in Italy but have you been to Raffaele Buonocore in Capri? It's the best ever!

Haagen Dazs has been my enemy for years. My addiction to it has caused me to gain and gain although others have differed with my view.

Next Monday I want to join Weight Watchers so that I can regain a semblance of a non-overweight man during the first six or seven months of this new years of ours.

Enjoy the ice cream, but I envision that your weight and size are non- affected.

Are people seriously talking about Haagen Dazs?

Go to an actual gelateria where the gelato is made on the premises ... it's an insult to compare it to Haagen crap!

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