Police Looking For Suspect Of Killing 13 Gay Men

The police is on the hunt for a serial killer responsible for the death of 13 gay men in 18 months in a park in Carapicuíba in greater São Paulo. Although the police report claims that victims were randomly chosen, I do not find the fact that they were all gay men random at all. Twelve out of the thirteen victims were shot to death, and none of them were robbed.

I cannot believe this has been happening since February of last year, and it is only recently that it has gained media attention. The police has only talked to one witness so far.

UPDATE: O Globo Online reports that a reformed sergeant from the military police may be connected to the killings. The sergeant is suspect of killing a transvestite in a hotel in Osasco, São Paulo, back in October. The caliber of the gun used to kill the transvestite matches the caliber of the gun used to kill the last victim found at the park in Carapicuíba in August. The sergeant was the last person seen at the hotel with the transvestite, and is reported to hang out at Parque dos Paturis, where the 13 men were murdered.

The police currently suspects that the killings in the park in Carapicuíba may be linked to the death of other three homosexual men in Osasco. The police sketch of the suspect has not yet been released to press.

All the killings in Carapicuíba took place at night. All of the victims were found with their pants down, lying on the floor, and shot either in the head or the neck.


They failed to put the guy in prison, and now they are telling the media about the problem, so that the assassin will kill people in another place.
They said they didn't have resources even to make a DNA test on the sperm found in the victims.

This is the dark side of Brazil.

Lucius, there was NO TALK about sperm ! where did you get that from ?!

I don't remember....it was either terra.com or uol.com (Folha de Sao Paulo).

Dear Alisson,
There WAS talk about sperm. Please read this report:


They mention that the police didn't have money to make the DNA tests.

I didn't create these news. It was reported.

thanks for clearing that up Lucius, you should have included the link in the first post, because MiB blog did not report on sperm and DNA.
once again, Thank you for the article!

So the killer is gay himself?

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