New Year's With Jesus

According to Brazilian tabloids, Madonna has invited model Jesus Luz to spend new year's with her in London, even though the 21-year-old does not even have a passport yet. Rumor has it that it was photographer Steven Klein who handled the invitation.

The phones at 40 Graus Models have not stopped ringing since Madonna left the country. Jesus Luz has quickly become one the most requested boys for the shows in Rio in January. Brazilian labels have been trying to cast him before his rate of R$400 a show goes up. Little do they know that his C-rate has probably already changed to a special booking by now.

UPDATE: according to Sergio Mattos, owner of 40 Graus Models, Jesus Luz is already in London.


and let the vicious jealous comments begin ;-)

R$ 400 is the usual fee for a "programa" in Brazil. I believe Jesus was a rent boy!

news are that he didnt even wish a merry christmas to his mother

A] Madonna is at her London house with her KIDS ...

B] Guy spent the night at the house with them ...

He may be in London, but he certainly isn't staying at her house in Marylebone ...

Darn you madge. He's good, I used to hump in five years ago

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