More On The Case Of The "Rainbow Maniac"

Jairo Francisco Franco, a former military police sergeant, was arrested on Wednesday as the main suspect of killing 13 homosexual men since February of 2007 in a park in Carapicuíba, as well as a transvestite in a hotel in Osasco in October. An eye witness confirmed him to be the killer of the last victim found at the park on August 19.

A Capa spoke to police chief Paulo Fernando Fortunato, in charge to the case of the serial killer referred to as the "rainbow maniac" by national press. Here are excerpts from the interview published in Portuguese by A Capa.

The killings started last year. Why is it that the case only made headlines recently?
Because I only took over (as police chief) on September, which is when I started researching the crimes in the area. When I read about the case, I realized it was an investigation in need of more resources, and decided to make it a priority.

What is it that brought your attention to the case?
All the homicides had taken place at the same place, Parque dos Paturis, which was suspicious. I then researched how the victims were killed, and found several similarities in all cases. I then realized we were dealing with a serial killer.

Are there any other suspects at the moment other than Jairo Francisco Franco?
We believe that he was acting alone, but we are still looking into the possibility of there being someone else also committing the crimes.

Do you believe other police officers may be involved?
There is no evidence of that being the case.

The suspect is also being accused of similar crimes against transvestites (in Osasco). Why had he not been arrested yet?
Because he denied any involvement in the other homicide, and was still under police investigation. He was not arrested on the scene, but the police is working to prove his involvement in the case. The suspect did check into the hotel with the transvestite on the night of the crime, but claims that someone else was using his ID at the time.

Is there actual proof that may be the serial killer know as the "rainbow maniac?"
We are only certain at this point that he killed the last victim at the park on August 19. However, the many similarities between the last victim and the other killings also make him the prime suspect for all the other homicides committed at the park in Carapicuíba.

Security has been reinforce at the park. Although a suspect has been arrested, the police has asked people avoid the park at night.


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