Madonna And Jesus Party The Night Away

Madonna celebrated her last Sticky & Sweet Tour concert last night in São Paulo at a private party thrown by art director Giovanni Bianco at a club in Pinheiros. She went to the party not only accessorized by her Chanel resort heels, but by 21-year-old Brazilian model Jesus Luz, who she met during her W magazine photo shoot in Rio last week.

According to national tabloids, Madonna made out and danced with Jesus during the three hours she spent at the party. She left the club at 5:30 am, and he left in the car right behind her. Both cars pulled over at the Hyatt where she is staying. Madonna is now officially a Brazilianizer.





Madonna is expected to leave the country today. Question now is will she be taking a souvenir with her?

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Brazil can keep here, Please!!! Don't let her leave.

Go Girl Go!!!!

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