Isabeli Says Thin = Chic


Isabeli Fontana is an amazing model, but when it comes to interviews she still has a thing or two to learn. After causing quite a stir in July by saying on live national TV that she would not like to have a gay son, she is making the rounds on Brazilian sites again today for claiming that "being thin is what looks beautiful" in an interview for gossip magazine Contigo!.

In the interview, Isabeli says that she wants to be thinner than (what is considered) normal so that she can book a lot of jobs. "The industry has always demanded that. It is silly to say that things have changed. Being thin is more chic. Fashion demands that you are thin." Like what happened with her gay comments which spiraled out of control, the real issue is not what she actually said, but how she said it.

Isabeli also told Contigo! that her two boys are the main priority in her life right now, and that she thinks being friends with her ex's is pretty much impossible. I guess at least you can't blame her for being honest.

Visit Contigo! for an extensive picture gallery with Isabeli shot by Dario Zalis.


I have tell "I'M Isabelifoobic"

Being thin is more chic ... That would be why it's size 2 Fashion models on the Prada runway & not size 12!! Seriously, you scrutinize every little thing Isabeli says & you come across as a complete hypocrite because everyday on your blog it's extremely thin male & females featured ...

You seriously have some jealous issues when it comes to Isabeli ... Were you madly in love with Alvaro or Henri at one time?

it's amazing how she confirms the esteriotype of models being dumbs. gisele bundchen doesnt seem to be very smart either, but at least knows when to keep her mouth shut.

yeah she seems kinda dumb

beautiful though

Isabeli will always be one of my favorite models because she's so dynamic. She's also not the first model to say something stupid(and won't be the last) Remember Linda Evangelista's schpeel on how she wont get out of bed for less than $10,000? lol

I just think that things come out wrong for her. To some extent, she's right. The industry does deman a thinner frame; however, she might not be aware that beautiful models such as herself tend to have a metabolism higher than usual, and the body she "thinks" the industry wants requires less work than she thinks:)

Im not a big fan of Isabeli but after what Karl Lagerfeld said about that in fashion everything looks better in smaller sizes the whole Hedi Slimane turning men in eating disorders or Kate Moss anorexic,drug-addict look,It is a reality if a model gain weight she can't work so how can we blame Isabeli for want to be more thin? besides I don't think she is very clever like to get another job besides modeling

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I think it's sad that Isa being honest means to some people that she's "stupid". She's only saying what she feels and thinks, that doesn't make her a dumb model it makes her an honest person, and yeah, the truth hurts so most people in the public eye will continue to lie and be politically correct.

She's a smart cookie because she knows saying "controversial" things will get people talking. So what if she's deemed stupid? Naomi, with her nasty down-in-the-gutter-manners, is still working, isn't she?

Isabeli is stupid. She has that dumb look on her face. So is her boyfriend, Rico Mansur. A perfect match.

It's funny that people say that she is being honest. She is a public person and should at least has point that for some women it's easyer to remain thin. Thin is what fashion asks, but it's not the only kind of beauty, is it? How about being heathly, eating healthy food instead to say in a interview that she wants to be thinner to make more money? She is a great model but dumb as a door!

That was such a beautiful comment: "She is being honest and not stupid". But the thing is: her honesty is shows her stupidity and provincial mindset. Not in this case. The industry demands skinny girls. She is just trying to keep up with what they want.

It's so sad to see these kind of stupid low class tall thin chicks from Brazil getting the chance to travel all around the world and work with the greatest artists in the century but still have the same ol'narrow mind . Yes, I'm still talking about her "gay children" comment, and I still don't understand why Fashion Industry still pays attention to her. Keep feeding the enemy (just like the US does with China).

Oh, I guess I got to deep now. I'm sure you won't understand that.

Please, bring the next dumb Brazilian model... this girl should be out already.

ok, she´s right. Fashion demands thin girls, it´s obvious, but I really think that she could take a second and think before saying "thin is chic". OK, She didnt say that a little fat person can not be beautiful, but it is the same. I think honest is a cool thing, but not the way she puts it. The "I wouldn't like to have gay children" was so desnecessary, and lets forget about being stupid or not, nobody really asked her that, she could just keep the mouth shut. Just like now.
She is one of my favorites models, but, lets say, her boyfriend is a playboy that does nothing but party and spent money. He only dates models, he is an ass. How could be with someone like that? I have to say that isabeli is so shallow, and I wouldn't be surprise if she is doing this just to appear one more time. I dont think she is dumb,in fact, I think she is really clever. She dates a famous person to show up, she says these things to show up. think about it.

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well, it's just clear that Isabeli was talking about fashion world and about her job and not about her personal tastes. it's not her that decides what is up and what is down in that world. she is still one of the most curvy models out there, and remember when she said that Balenciaga rejected her from its runway because she was "too sexy type" for the casting director. so you can't blame her.
anyway this is was appeared on few weeks ago:

Isabeli Fontana, behind the scenes at Blumarine, was thinking about food. “As soon as the plane hits the ground at Malpensa all I can think about is pasta, with a good simple tomato sauce,” the model said dreamily..

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