Finally A Shirtless Sighting

The Brazilian paparazzi managed to get some shirtless pictures of Jude Law diving with his kids in Angra dos Reis over the weekend.



More at Quem.


What so special about Jude Law?

He is in very good shape. He just need to do another hair implant, and then he will be perfect again.

A little too boring breeder-looking to be more precise.

What so special about Jude Law?[2]

I love Jude Law !
he is sexy without even trying.

He is so perfect!

Rants, Thoughts & Merde

It's amazing that the only time I see him so happy is when he is with his beautiful children. I am so glad that he and Sadie can set aside their differences to give their lovable kids a hapy time especially during the holidays.

Yum! Talk about a hot daddy.

yeah he looks hot (must be working out for a movie). but all i think when i look at these pictures is that he's thinking "oh great a photographer...i know i'm looking good today and the ladies will think it's adorable i'm with the kids...oh shit i just looked directly at the camera...i wanted to act like i was completely unaware". anyway, blech he's a tool.

What's so special about Jude Law? [3]

He's beginning to resemble Phil Collins

I was in Angra and I saw him... i tried to take some pics, but "somebody" didn´t allow me to...

his fucking beautifull...

Actually, I saw an ad campaign he did in a fashion mag, and I didn't think he looked as good as he used to, like he is not happy.
Unfortunate how his hair is receeding.
There you have it.

Jude Law é um espetáculo, né?

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