Edilson Is The Hottest Brazilian Of 2008

With 27% of all votes, model Edilson Nascimento is this year's hottest Brazilian. To celebrate it, photographer Greg Vaughan agreed to share with Made In Brazil readers two outtakes from Edilson's spread for Têtu. The images below have never been published before.



Click on the picture above to view the entire image. Warning: NSFW.

The second and third place this year went to models Miro Moreira and Carlos Freire, with 16% and 15% of all votes. Miro was the winner back in 2006.

Stay tuned for more Edilson at Made In Brazil next year.


Parabens filinho vc merece!!

Well, at least Miro is an actual model ; )

He has a supremely perfect butt.

All eight of these models are beautiful and sexy, but Edilson is simply in a class by himself. The readers/voters on this blog know perfection when they see it. I see that I'm far from the only one suffering from a near-fatal case of Edilsonmania! Parabéns, Edílson, e Bom Natal!

I'm addicted to this guy...he's so sensual and so natural at the same time...he makes me drool!!!

Thank for you this delicious present.

Feliz Navidad!

(Shrug) He does nothing for me. Caua was the hottest thing on two legs, IMHO.

He is immensely gorgeous, and as Lucius alluded, this guy's "butt" is masterfully sculpted!

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