To Get You Through The Weekend: Malvino Salvador


Showing off his guns (or a gold bracelet depending on what you choose to focus on) on Wednesday night at a jewelry awards show in Minas Gerais. More pictures after the jump.




The pants are really atrocious. Why not just put him in a swimsuit?

All pictures by AgNews.


The pants would not be atrocious if they were on a penguin.

well those pants look very comfortable ,I kind of like it for go to the beach or the pool with your speedo under them

Atrocious to say the least...

I think the pants look quite well on him, but I'd rather see him nude! ...beautiful complexion and very nice, enticing body!

Ai yaiyaiyaiyai!Wow!
The pants are cute but I'd rather see him without it.Thanks for this delicious weekend gift! He makes me so greedy I want more!

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