Soap Watch: A Hot Lesbian Coming Out

Stela, the character played by actress Paula Burlamaqui on the primetime soap A Favorita, came out to her best friend on Tuesday night. The scene was most likely one of the best coming out scenes (if not the best) ever broadcast on Brazilian television. In it, Stela opens up to her new best friend after her ex lesbian lover had just passed away of cancer. Her friend Catarina is surprised that a feminine (and hot) woman like Stela is actually a lesbian, but Stela tells her that there are no set rules for that, and that two women can love one another. It was honest, and certainly the best way to portray an unexpected coming out to a Brazilian audience.


I've watched this..

and was so real....pure.....honest like you say....


Wow, this scene must had shocked many brazilians, including me! I was shocked to see a delicated issue beeing treated so kindly and seriously in a 9-hour soap opera. I hope that this educational mode don´t stop there.

Loved that scene. The way they portrayed was fantastic.

as duas são atrizes muito boas, ne? gostei mesmo do clipe :)

I Loved!

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