Santa Catarina Underwater


This may concern those of you heading to Florianópolis later this year: Santa Catarina is in state of calamity due to heavy rains and thunderstorms which started this past Friday. In what is being called the worst climatic tragedy to hit the state, 65 people have been confirmed dead and 30 people are reported missing due to flooding and landslides. The city of Ilhota registered the largest number of deaths so far, followed by Blumenau, Jaraguá do Sul, Gaspar, Luiz Alves, and Rodeio. According to today's news, so far 52,000 people were forced to leave their homes and move into shelters or move in with relatives. Several cities have no water supply, and over 137,000 people had no energy up until last night. Florianópolis has rationed water consumption for the time being.

The news video below contains footage of houses sliding down cliffs, flooded streets in Blumenau, and roads closed due to landslides.

The federal government and neighboring states have sent aid to Santa Catarina.

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All my sympathies go to the victims of the Santa Catarina disaster. I saw it on the TV News. The loss of human and animal life deeply touched me.

Are the International Red Cross or other organizations accepting donations or asking for assistance? One wishes to do something to help those unfortunate people.

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