Brazilian Gay Media Gets Hit By Financial Crisis

Editora Peixes, the publishing company of Brazilian gay magazine DOM, announced last week that due to financial problems it would be restructuring and closing five of its publications, one of them being DOM. I had heard rumors about it before the announcement, but decided not post anything here until I had more accurate information.

Last Friday, DOM posted on its blog that Editora Peixes plans to turn the magazine and other titles into websites in 2009. I emailed the editor Augusto Soares, and was told that DOM is already looking for a new publisher and investor outside of Peixes to keep the magazine on newstands. The December issue will be the last one published by Peixes.

I am offering my full support to the magazine here on the blog as it is a project I believe in, and have already contributed to several times. I would like to note that DOM was not canceled because it was a gay title, but because it was the newest publication under Editora Peixes. DOM had gone monthly in July.


How unfortunate! Even the pink purchasing power isn't spared from the crash. Oh well...

that's a sad sad news! may we offer our support also in france! We are retransmitting your post to announce this bas news and hope we ll get some contacts to help.

Sad news. I hope they can find an "angel" to help keep them on the newstands. Fantastic magazine!

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