Big Brother Brazil Hopeful Of The Week: Deyvson Lima

Because, like every other guy hoping to be cast for season 9 of Big Brother Brazil, he claims to be a model and a personal trainer, and his submission video is loaded with every cliché you can imagine: he works out in camouflage pants, strips to his underwear in his bedroom, pretends to read a book in bed, and drinks a glass of milk by the window in a white swimsuit.

What kind of name is Deyvson anyway? Click here to view his profile and to vote for him. Pictures after the jump.




For more pictures (he has uploaded 249 of them so far), visit Deyvson's profile.


His video is hilarious.

He's got a great chance if he puts a paper bag over his head.

Holy...i cannot stop laughing!

Okay although i have to give him credit for putting himself out there but still, how corny is that? I love the part where he is 'hanging around' in his white underwear... drinking a glass of milk.

In this day and age isn't there a bit more to people than gratuitous buff body shots and one dimensional cliched gay lifestyle activities???

I would find him more attractive if he were a bit self effacing with some point of view.

Oh well.

Kkkkkk....ele malha assim? Com roupa camuflada. Por Deus que cafonice!

It's hilarious. It is very staged.

I bet he never read a book in his life.

It's hilarious

Did you see Romulo Arantes Neto in Rio Summer? Do have any pictures of his there?

I liked his presentation, and I wish him well. ...enjoyed hearing the music and seeing this cute guy "do his thing!"

Congratulations... valeu por postar meu video... foi feito as pressas e sem mtos recursos... mas esta ai...

abração p/ todos!

Deyvson lima.


ele, provavelmente, não sabe uma palavra em inglês! e ele tem um BLOG!!! E achou o máximo o vídeo dele estar aqui! kkkkkkkkkkkkk

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