Big Brother Brazil Hopeful Of The Week: Marcos Silva Costa

He studies interior design at night, paints on his spare time, works out 5 times a week, loves to dance, lives with a poodle, and has a lisp. We desperately need someone like him on season 9 of Big Brother Brazil.

The only thing he forgot to do in his entry video was a Cher impersonation. Click here for another video and here to view his Big Brother profile. Pictures after the jump.





He looks like Jack from Will and Grace

I enjoyed the fact that he put "How Soon is Now" from Smiths as background music.

Very nice video, even better with "How soon is now?". I hope the kid makes it to BBB. Good luck.

hahahaha, he looks like jack, INDEED. The almost 40yo jack.

"poxa vida... imagina... imagina!" haha - super cute!


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