Angels In Miami

The Victoria's Secret angels arrived in Miami on board of a yacht for tonight's fashion show.

The casting this year includes Brazilians Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrósio, Emanuela de Paula, Flavia de Oliveira, Ana Beatriz Barros, and Izabel Goulart. There are rumors going around regarding whether or not Izabel has lost her angel status since she has not appeared alongside the other angels in any promotional pictures yet.


Adriana Lima Rocks she is the best!

the show isn't tonight!!! its on 3 of december

ohh now i see...the show is tonight but it is only broadcasted on the 3rd =(

Adriana is THE QUEEN!!!!!!!!Ana Beatriz Barros WHORE!!!!!!Hope she breaks her legs on the VS show!!!!!!!!

The actual show IS tonight. It only airs later on TV.

maybe izabel was replaced by doutzen?? omg

umm you forgot Isabeli Fontana, she is there too.

I've seen pictures, and yea Isabeli is there:D:D She wears two outfits. Every model looks fantastic, and Ale looks even better than before she was pregnant

Yeah, I think izabel is not a angel anymore. This week told which models would be on the show, and also told who was the "contract" and izabel wasn't, she was in the same level of isabeli or flavia. and, sorry, but I think it was a right decision, I never thought izabel sexy enough to be an angel, doutzen is sooo much better

(and whaaaaaat? who would tell that ambrosio just had a baby! amazing!)

Izabel wasn't 'sexy enough' ... f*ck!! i've heard it all now - most guys I know would put her in the top 3 ... she was one of the most popular - not sure where you are but if you just look at the amount of high profile t.v appearances she made [Conan 3 times!!/Entourage/I forget the other one!] compared to the other Angels it was obvious she was one of the favourites ... I mean, Gisele/Adriana/Heidi were never on Conan as much as Izabel & out of every model I've ever watched on a chat show she definitely came off the best - what an amazing personality.

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