25-Year-Old Punk Sentenced To 27 Years In Jail For Murdering Gay Tourist

I reported last year on the death of a French tourist during São Paulo Gay Pride. Gregor Erwan Landouar was stabbed in the abdomen with a knife by a group of punks after leaving popular gay restaurant Ritz in June of 2007, and died at the hospital. The Brazilian media at the time failed to keep a close eye on the case.

Today G1 reports that 25-year-old Genésio Mariuzzi Filho, nicknamed Anthrax, confessed last night in court that he was responsible for Landouar's death. He was also being accused by Maikon Wilson Ferreira Nascimento, who was stabbed seven times in May of 2007, and served as a witness yesterday. Even though Mariuzzi denied any involvement in Nascimento's case, he was sentenced to 27 years and six months at closed regime in jail for the death of Landouar.

Mariuzzi claimed that the incident was not a hate crime, but did admit to having posted several anti-gay messages on his orkut page.

More about the case at:
Gay Man Murdered At São Paulo Gay Pride


He should be put in death row
for been such a murderer homophobic pig!

Well, finally something was done. The tourist was just one more in thousands and thousands of gay and lesbian humiliated, spanked and also killed every day in every single Brazilian city.

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