University Of São Paulo Students Protest Against Homophobia


If you need a good excuse to ask your hot gay classmate to kiss you, here is one: University of São Paulo students José Eduardo Góes and Jarbas Rezende Lima, who were kicked out of a university party two weeks ago for publicly displaying their affection on top of speaker boxes, have called in all gay students to protest against homophobia this evening by gathering inf front of the Vet School where the party took place and kissing. The major gay PDA is set to take place around 10 pm, and I hope several students do attend and take pictures.

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Knowing Brazil, they were probably harassed because one is white and the other is black. Brazil is a very racist society, probably more racist than homophobic.

Both look really nice, and nice-looking.

Could it really be that the DJ didn't like the idea of the slim white boy being kissed and deflowered by the 'big black guy?'

It is so beautiful that they are a mixed couple, black and white. Makes their cause even more important.

The Afro-Brasilian looks mighty virle and sexy. I'd love to meet him if only on a non-sexual level. those keenly defined, sculpted features, his tall lean frame, and I can just imagine what swings between his beautiful, long legs!

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