To Get You Through The Weekend: Victor Macedo




I have been obsessed with this kid since I saw his his polas about two months ago. When I saw the pictures above shot in Rio by Marco Mendez, I knew I had to publish the entire set. Check them out in the photo album below. Warning: NSFW.

PHOTO ALBUM: Victor Macedo by Marco Mendez

That is what am wearing for Carnival next year. All pictures courtesy of Alle at Ünique Models.


That costume is really ugly.

Wow, breathtaking composition, kudos to the photographer!

...hoping to see pics like these is the reason i visit your site everyday.

essas fotos são lindas,marco mendez manda muitooooo! e o vitor e minha promessa!


Victor is a fresh and virginal cutie. I liked his photos with the feather wings that are in blk and white where he's on the beach turning sideways.

I hope this cutie goes far in his career; he looks so refreshing and desirous!

Sorry guys, his face isn´t like a model. Yes, Vitor has an amazing body, but come on he looks like a "toy model" actually I´m thinking he is making happy some bookers, photographers,designers with naked shootings. Totally terrible.

The faces is not that important is more the personlity they project
I have saw many runways where the models have really ugly faces and u see them on the backstage and u r like : mmm this guys most be from the lights staff or the catters,but when they do they "walK" they do an amazing job.
and i have see gorgeous models who walks the runway like in blank and no matter how amazing clothes they r wearing or how amaing abs they have they just don't make that connection with the people
and people is also in "blank"
This kid is not ugly and do have good body...but he can use a little more experience but im sure he will have a good career

He is not ugly. He has a gorgeous body. But in my opinion he is not model material. His face is not balanced. Both in terms of "beauty" and "projecting personality", I think he fails.

Sorry guys, it is just my opinion. I think he will have trouble finding good jobs.

No, I still think that some fashion people have see him naked in the shootings or u know, because do not exist another thing to keep him in modelling world. Big d*, maybe, big career. He´s so ugly.

Hmmm. Is he supposed to be dressed as a peacock or a fairy?

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