New Polas Of Victor Macedo


Ünique Models in Brasília released new polas of newcomer Victor Macedo. Check them out after the jump.




All pictures by Dudu Lima via Finí­ssimo.


great body

how old are he?

Yes,he has an excellent body. But I don't think his face is very beautiful. The upper lip is thin and the under lip is thick. It is disproportionate, not balanced. The nose is too large.

The guy's face looks dorky, but his bod his cute and sexy!

hot baby hot!

He's perfect. cute as a button and hot bod.

The head appears to be out of proportion to the "better living through chemistry" muscularity of the body. Of course he might have spent lots of time in the weight room, but these days one tends to be a skeptic.

How nice!

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