Gay Couple Adopts Kids In Recife

In an unprecedented decision, today the city of Recife allowed a gay couple to adopt two sisters, a five and a seven-year-old. In previous adoption cases in the country, only one person had filed. This was the first time in which a homosexual couple filed for adoption together and won the case.

"My decision, in the particular case, was based on the fact that it was the best for the children," said the judge. "I am not making these two people's union official here, what I am saying is that they do constitute a loving family capable of educating and caring for the children as any other family would." Bravo.

According to Folha Online, the names of the parents have not been disclosed. They are both from Natal, and had tried to adopt there before filing in Recife.


unreal about the adopton

Quite an achivement. Looks like Brazil is finally on the right track as far as discrimination is concerned.

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