Book Him ASAP: Veridiano Tesch

The 17-year-old newcomer from Porto Alegre has just joined the cast of 40 Graus Models in Rio.



With a name like that, he doesn't really need a last name.

All pictures by Didio.


I don't like his face.

He's got a bit of a beer belly, don't you think?

I love his face. It is a very interesting face. And his abs are perfect....It is absurd to say that he has a beer belly.

The photos look very photoshopped, though.

Another bland pseudo-child.

He looks like a young Heyden Christensen(the actor),he has an interesting face,give him time to practice please,don't throw your shit.

tem aparecido uns meninos bem precoces, não é mesmo? hahaha
bem encorpados, e esse Veridiano por exemplo, sabe ser tanto o bom menino quanto o homem feito. vai longe!

I don't get it. Week after week of bland guys. I know from porn that Brazil has millions of hot guys. Where are they? Just go on Manhunt, punch in Brazil and let loose!

I love your blog but SNORE on these boring little boys.

pretty boy, beautiful name

He sort of looks like a Brazilian Brent Corrigan

Nossa que fof´s!

queria ter um desses em casa.

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