The New Miro Moreira?



Killer body? Check. Tattoo? Check. Chiseled features? Check. Prominent and yet perfect nose? Check. Ease at posing in underwear? Check too. Newcomer Victor Macedo is only 17 years old but has the right genetics to guarantee some major bookings in years to come. More polas after the jump.



All polas courtesy of Sergio Mattos. Victor Macedo is represented by Unique in Brasília.


great !!!!!!!!!!

He's cute, but no way he compares to Miro Moreira, he's lacking that 'umph'!

He is only 17 years old,,, omfg

Whatever his age, he already seems jaded, not at all fresh.

White? Check. Twink? Check.

doesnt hold a candle to Miro


He looks like a baby! so cute

I agree with Mike! "White, check!" "White, check!" "White, check!"

I find that there has been far too much pallor here which I DO NOT find attractive or alluring at all! Bring on some deeper hue, por favor!

He's cute and he already has a HOT BODY... good skin'on! MIRO MOREIRA? Miro's just 65464646548912621984612654321658462164321654621321 levels up! Does everybody agree? I think so...
But Vitor will also be a good model soon too!

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