The First All-Gay Condo In The Country



Agra Loteadora is taking a big chance by launching a real-estate development geared exclusively to the gay market in the state of São Paulo. Season in Sorocaba is located only 54 miles away from the city of São Paulo, and was designed to work as a country house with all the facilities and luxuries of large urban centers.

There are 150 0.25 acre lots being developed with an upscale gay clientele in mind. Amenities will include a Concierge Center offering services ranging from housekeeping and lawn mowing to personal training, a Club House, and a Living Club. The Club House will feature a Tuscan-style lounge, an infinity edge pool, a hot tub, sauna, a billiards room (for the lesbians mostly I guess), and a fitness center. The Living Club will offer a Gourmet lounge and a reading room. There is also a forest with a lake, trails for hiking, and a ground for open air exercises. Sounds good, right?

I think not only will it be a good option for gay men and women who want a weekend home, but also for gay families with kids who want to be around other gay families in the same situation, or at least in an environment where there is no prejudice. Either that or it will end up turning into a weekend sex club. Whatever happens, it is a progressive idea for Brazil, and I hope it is successful.

The lots will be marketed by Sotheby's. For more information and a virtual 3D tour (with 3D glasses which can be mailed to you if you are in Brazil), visit Season in Sorocaba.


a bit ghetto-ish, non?

"a billiards room (for the lesbians mostly I guess)"

that's a terrible statement
im bisexual and lots of my gay (male) friends like to play billiards
too much prejudice in this sentence

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