Exclusively At Made In Brazil: Junior #7

Here is an exclusive look at the cover of the 7th issue of gay magazine Junior, with models Felipe Torretta and Felipe Anibal shot in Arraial do Cabo by Didio.


It is my favorite cover of the magazine to date. Can't wait to see what's inside.

More at: From The Sands Of Arraial do Cabo



Why don't you email the editors and ask them?

Lora, as an American man of color, your concern has been addressed here on numerous occasions, and the blogmaster has responded.

Although I like men (irrespective of their ethnicity or cultural heritage) and a visitor to Brasil numerous times-- I sent the blogmaster a personal e many months back and received a cordial and candid reply. It is not he who chooses to select only "white" Brasilians to present on his blog, it's the culture and those in the media and the world of arts and modeling and government and in other key positions who perpetuate this blatant racism (his words paraphrased).

Brasil (although heavily African influenced in terms of its people)-- it's the convert as well as overt racism and prejudice that is prevalent there.

A friend of mine from Sao Paulo told me a few years back that Brasilians (as such) think that racism is a myth when it comes to their country and its people. Thus they view the entire situation as a mere myth. He disagreed with this positon; he also stated to me that he wish he'd had African blood in him.

( Ricardo is a hot, sweet guy in many respects!)

Does anyone know where Junior (and the other gay Brazilian mags posted on this site, like G, A Capa, DOM) can be bought in NYC?

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