Another Brazilian Gay Wedding

The first gay wedding in the northeastern state of Paraíba took place this past weekend. Edvaldo Brasil and Luciano Mondego signed a contract of stable union during an Afro-Brazilian ceremony in a packed auditorium at the state's public university. Watch the news as they aired on local TV on the video below.

Now as much as I give them credit for breaking boundaries, I have to pick on the fact that Luciano said that they were there "to defend their cause, which is homosexualism." If you are going to publicly fight for your rights, you should know better to use homosexuality instead. Other than that, I hope their wedding will motivate many others in the country.


congratulations Edvaldo and Luciano
from IRA in USA

There`s no problem in using homossexualism, meaning the actual practice of homossexuality. You can say either, since the "ism" doesn`t mean a disease in every case.

oi gente ..estou passando aqui pra agradecer a cada um de vcs que tem me dado esta força...e des de ja comvido a fazer parte do meu quero que se indentifique ok..abraços e mas uma vez muito obrigado

May their lives together be filled with love, compassion, understanding and wisdom. May they be together for 1,000 x 1,000 years! God bless them! Felicidades!


I concur with Mike's warm and definitive wishes!!!

I'm a bilingual spanish speaker, and lived in Argentina (very near Brasil) for a while. I think what he mean by homosexualism is closer to what we mean by homophobia. They want to fight homophobia with their union...I don't see what's wrong with that.

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