Madonna In Brazil: A Really Sticky Mess

090408_2The saga for tickets to see Madonna in São Paulo continues, with reports that yesterday ticket scalpers cut the lines and threatened those who were waiting in order to get first bid on the limited number of VIP tickets. Complaints about the Tickets For Fun website made front page on every news vehicle this morning, especially considering ticket sales started over a day ago and people are still not able to purchase tickets online. Those who decided to wait in line at one of the three ticket counter locations, reported on lack of security and poor organization. Aside from the violence, people have also complained that ticket counters are charging the 20% service fee which is supposed to be charged online and over the phone only. I mean, why would anyone have to pay 20% on top of the ticket price to have to wait in line for over a day?

The video above mentions that Time For Fun, the company bringing the Sticky & Sweet tour to Brazil, is being notified that it is illegal to charge a 20% service fee on top of ticket prices. A convenience charge is legal, but it must be a fixed rate regardless of the cost of the ticket.

Madonna Online reports today that VIP tickets for both São Paulo performances are sold out, but that other tickets remain available thanks to the fact that online and phone sales have not been working since yesterday.

UPDATE: a new show in Rio has been officially confirmed by LiveNation for December 15. No word yet on when the new ticket madness is going to start.


Ticketmaster and Time 4 Fun are the same company.

Madonna e homofobica, sua religao, a cabala, condena o homossexualismo.Eu sou gay por isso odeio Madonna!

morram de inveja!!
assisti em Berlin na ""VIP"" a 2mts da 50tona e paguei 97eur. sorte para poucos bem!


haaa obs.: e comprei o ingresso a 2hr antes de comecar o show como todo bom atrsado brazuca!

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