The New Girls From Brazil

The editors at Vogue Brazil seem to be listening to some of the criticism and making an effort to present better content. The latest cover of the magazine, featuring five promising newcomers, is the best and coolest I have seen on the magazine in a long time.


Watch out for them: Nathalie Edenburg, Daniela Borges, Claudia Seiler, Luana Teifke, and Luiza Winberg.

Now quick question: where the hell is Gracie Carvalho, the girl with the most bookings this season in Brazil? I know she landed the cover of L'Officiel Brazil last month, but so did Claudia Seiler, and that did not stop her from being featured in Vogue.


im sorry but to me, this cover looks so cheap and amateur ! too perfect, the make up, the flyin hair, the girls expression, where they stand !! i've seen this too many times before :!

I saw the cover and I thought: where is is the black model? The answer: prejudice.

even financial mags are writing articles about how Brazil could get 2% more of GDP if discrimination ended so not surprised at all about the cover...

yes, prejudiced sadly

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