The Brazilian Growth

Yesterday's New York Times analyzed Brazil's economic expansion. According to the article, the country has managed to shrink its income distribution gap by six percentage points since 2001, more than any other country in South America this decade. While the top 10 percent of Brazil's earners saw their cumulative income rise by 7 percent from 2001 to 2006, the bottom 10 percent shot up by 58 percent, thanks in part to President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva's social programs.

Read the complete NYT article online at:
Strong Economy Propels Brazil to World Stage

It is the third most e-mailed NYT article this morning.


Brazilians should read this! makes me happy! :D

It is hard to explain the contentment of reading an article like this when you grow up as a Brazilian always hearing the good old: "Brazil is the country of the future."
It feels like the future has finally arrived and here we are - all eyes on us. As a hopeless optimist I think the party is just begining for Brazil. Finally.

Of course this is great but I think we have to remember that there is still a long way to go - an extremely long way to go. That said, Brazil is no different to it's neighbors - most countries are in the same predicament - but it's great that Brazil is leading the way.

honey... i'd love to see more about the worker on the photo...

haha, just kiddin, you guys.

Now, if only the government could also take care of the absurd amount of crime (RJ and SP), decent health care for all, social projects in both urban and rural areas, financial support to academic institutions,... Wait! Never mind!

it's all cocaine fuelled....i've seen it before...

as the english say: i've seen bigger things crawl out of mouldy cheese, and the cheese tasted better!

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