Just In Time For New York Fashion Week

Brazilian newcomer Luana Teifke gets a new haircolor.


Luana is represented by Marilyn, and was one of the biggest stars of the Brazilian shows back in June.

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Last night Project Runway designers had to create an outfit using materials found in the new Saturn Vue Hybrid, which obviously meant tons of seatbelts and seat covers. It was all about innovation like on the first challenge this season, only this time around the 10 remaining contestants really turned it out in what was certainly the best runway show so far this season. I only wish Nina Garcia had been present (Laura Bennett from season 3 filled in for her) because I missed her comments.

My take on the outfits is after the jump for those of you who watched the show last night.

A Semana: MJ, Naomi, DNA, Kristin Chenoweth, And The iPhone In Brazil

"Everything is beautiful at the gym, everyone looks amazing. You just think it's like one big healthy circus going on out there: the bodies are great, people are jolly, and, even when they're complaining about how strenuous it is, there's, like, a kind of very good, positive, we're all doing something good for ourselves... And it's two and a half hours that I'm not smoking." Fashionista has excerpts from the Marc Jacobs interview in the Style Issue of the New Yorker, which I do recommend you read.

Fashion's 50 most powerful New Yorkers (check out #4).

Is there going to be more racial diversity on the runways this season?

Go behind-the-scenes at the new Carlos Miele ad campaign with Aline Weber and Emanuela de Paula.

Naomi's love for Brazil seems to be rubbing off on her new Russian billionaire boyfriend. Currently in the country, Vladimir Doronin purchased the penthouse apartment of a luxury building in the Jardins neighborhood of São Paulo for a price tag of R$30 million (or about USD $18.3 million).

The hot September issue of DNA magazine celebrates the sexiest men alive.

Show your support for Obama even on your underwear.

Kristin Chenoweth's anti-crystal-meth campaign is undoubtedly the most original one I have ever seen.

The iPhone 3G is finally confirmed to hit Brazilian stores come September. Claro will be the initial service provider, and is already taking R$100 security deposits from its customers who want to purchase the phone. Given the number of illegal iPhones I see in Brazil, most people will likely start making their service legal next month. Price for the iPhone 3G in the country has not been released yet.

Geek Chic

It is not often that you see Lucas Mascarini and Thiago Mann in an editorial together, so when I saw the spread on the current issue of Brazilian magazine DOM, I asked the editors permission to publish some of the images here.



I really like the direction in which DOM is going: a famous actor on the cover, a beefcake portfolio with shirtless boys, and fashion spreads featuring a diversity of models and styles.

More pictures of the Geek Chic story after the jump.

Look Who's On The Cover Of Vogue China


La Zimmermann, photographed by Mario Sorrenti for the cover of the September issue.

Manhunt Gets A Dose Of Brazil

If you are an avid reader of this blog, you may have seen pictures of 23-year-old Alexandre Torrent before. He was the winner of an online contest back in May to elect the hottest Brazilian on Manhunt. His prize was a trip to São Paulo for Gay Pride and a photoshoot with Paulo Pantoline, which resulted in the picture below which is now making rounds on the Manhunt log in page.


"People from all over the world see me. Friends who live in Europe have written me, and people from São Paulo, Rio, and Florianópolis have recognized me. I never knew my picture would end up in the home page of the site," said Alexandre about his gig as the face (and body) of Manhunt.

More at: That Manhunt Boy

Screencap and quote courtesy of Thales Sabino.

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