Olympic Moment

Tiago Camilo conquered another bronze medal in judo for Brazil today.



It is a shame to think that a country the size of Brazil only has three Olympic medals so far.


i think too it's a shame for Brazil to do ONLY that...really a shame....but from Brazil we can never expect too much!!

oh and tell me what do you need to do a site dedicated to the little things brazil do and things about brazilian models that anyone cares?!

well, Brazil's strength is in team sports, like futbol and volleyball, which are not decided until the end of the games, so give them a chance! Brazil rocked in the Panamerican games in Rio and should do well in China too. i do think other sports that are unpopular in Brazil should receive more government support though.

I'm not sure how much government funding there is in Brazil - I left Brazil when I was a child but I know here in the U.K the government funding is £600 Million / $1.2 Billion [U.S] & I would imagine that the rest of Western Europe / U.S / China / Japan etc.. is way up there ... Facilities are also extremely important, I know some of the athletes from the British Commonwealth train in the U.K - such as Zimbabwean swimmers, New Zealand & Australian equestrians etc.. Anyway, here in London I'm cheering on the Brazilians ; )

I don't care how Brazil is on the medals race, but the brazilian boys in judo ARE REALLY HOT!

Well, at least Brasil has some medals.

Canada doesn't have any yet, and we are hosting the Olympic Winter Games in two years time!!!

Your country has some of the sexiest jocks, by-the-way!

Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu!!! This is the sport!!

well the fact is that we havent competed yet on the sports which we have strong chances for gold, this is why we only won 3 medals.
instead of just complaining about us not doing well so far why dont u just research a bit. i mean that's what i would do in case i was posting things about my own country.

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