Olympic Husbands

The Brazilian men's volleyball team lost the Olympic gold medal to the US yesterday, but when it comes to hotness there is nothing silver about players Samuel and André Heller.


I think I may need to start watching more volleyball.


I think mister Heller he's homo. But both Samuel and Andre definitively so hot!

Wait, are you suggesting they're an item?

Not at all. Am just suggesting they are hot.

The captain team #7 GIBA is soooooo gay...

Who writes this blog? Is there information about you somewhere?

The blogger is shy for some reason, but if you want to know more about him, there's an article about him in the third issue of Junior magazine (the one with Igor Macedo on the cover, and the cool article on tattoos). Hint: He's HOT!

Did you see Samuel Shoulders and biceps. They are incredible.

Melhores não há em matéria de esporte beleza Brasil.
Mas um carater pouco duvidoso.

I watched the game and the men. Of all of the men on the Brasilian volleyball team, I, too thought that Samuel was the "hottest" of the lot. As for the rest-- I was indeed disappointed in their looks.

While I sat and watched-- I thought: "There are truly many more hot men in Brasil: I've seen and have been with them. It's unfortunate that this team is comprised of few stunning-looking men!"

Thanks for presenting what you did in your blog!

You missed out Murillo Endres. I find him the best looking of them all.

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