Exclusively At Made In Brazil: Outtakes From Junior Magazine (Part II)

Here are a couple of more pictures of Carlos Freire which did not make it to the sixth issue of Junior magazine.



And say whatever you wanna say, but not only does this kid have a truly amazing body, he is also sweet and incredibly professional and easy to work with. You will be seeing him in a new project by Michael Roberts very soon.

The World's Sexiest Businesswoman

OMG. La Bündchen is unstoppable this month, with the cover of V magazine, solo edits on both Vogue and W, and now the cover of Arena as well. When does she rest?


Via Models.com.

Holla At Cha Boy

Tanorexic Blayne was at it again last night on Project Runway. After his "girlicious" remarks failed to take off, he decided to butch it up with yet another catchphrase, trying to turn Tim Gunn into a thug with a "holla at cha boy." As precious as it was to listen to Tim and Blayne hollering at each other, it just wasn't one of those "what happened to Andre?" moments. And since am talking about Blayne, I don't remember the tour bus dropping him on Christopher street to take inspiration pictures, but his dress certainly did look as if a rainbow flag had exploded on it. It was a mess but lucky for him some contestants managed to outugly his number.

Now who knew Whitney Houston was not only releasing a new single but also sewing the night away? And who knew her ghetto combo would almost make it to the top? In terms of the winning number though, I am going to have to disagree with the judges. As cool as Kenley's dress was, it was not balanced. The skirt had too much volume in one side, and my feeling was that it was not intentional. Leanne's skirt and top though were flawless, easy, and very modern. She would have had this one in the bag had she not send that tragic satin dress down the runway last week. The look on her face when Heidi announced that Kenley had won was precious. I wish I had screen caps of it.


Holla at the producers: can we work on more footage of Keith shirtless? Maybe a shower scene?

Holla at my friend Matthew: thanks for dinner last night. Project Runway is ten times more fun with you.



It has been almost three weeks since the iPhone 3G was released, and yet every morning I see a huge line in front of the Apple store in SoHo. Can't people wait another week or two to get one?

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Exclusively At Made In Brazil: Outtakes From Junior Magazine (Part I)

Carlos Freire has landed the cover of the sixth issue of Brazilian magazine Junior looking hotter than ever. There were so many sexy pictures taken for his spread on the magazine that it was hard to pick only a few of them, so the editors were kind enough to send me outtakes to share with you guys.




I actually like these images without a lot of treatment better than the ones which were selected for the magazine.

All pictures by Didio. More coming tomorrow.

驚くほどの: La Zimmermann Does Vogue Nippon

Raquel is a chameleon, and her September Vogue Nippon edit is proof of that. The feature styled by George Cortina and shot by Mario Sorrenti is amazing.




More scans from Vogue Nippon and a preview of the Lanvin fall 2008 campaign after the jump.

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