Holla At Cha Boy

Tanorexic Blayne was at it again last night on Project Runway. After his "girlicious" remarks failed to take off, he decided to butch it up with yet another catchphrase, trying to turn Tim Gunn into a thug with a "holla at cha boy." As precious as it was to listen to Tim and Blayne hollering at each other, it just wasn't one of those "what happened to Andre?" moments. And since am talking about Blayne, I don't remember the tour bus dropping him on Christopher street to take inspiration pictures, but his dress certainly did look as if a rainbow flag had exploded on it. It was a mess but lucky for him some contestants managed to outugly his number.

Now who knew Whitney Houston was not only releasing a new single but also sewing the night away? And who knew her ghetto combo would almost make it to the top? In terms of the winning number though, I am going to have to disagree with the judges. As cool as Kenley's dress was, it was not balanced. The skirt had too much volume in one side, and my feeling was that it was not intentional. Leanne's skirt and top though were flawless, easy, and very modern. She would have had this one in the bag had she not send that tragic satin dress down the runway last week. The look on her face when Heidi announced that Kenley had won was precious. I wish I had screen caps of it.


Holla at the producers: can we work on more footage of Keith shirtless? Maybe a shower scene?

Holla at my friend Matthew: thanks for dinner last night. Project Runway is ten times more fun with you.


"And who knew her ghetto combo would almost make it to the top?"

Seriously people "ghetto" is NOT an adjective and the way you throw it out there especially in reference to a black contestant, comes off as condescending and mildly offensive.

pleaseeeeee, no spoilers! :(
visiting your blog we can't help to see the pictures and figure out the winning and losing dresses even without reading. please, use a cut.........:(

the rest of the world thank you...

Thanks you Alexis, I was wondering if someone caught that also. I've been surfing this blog for a while and get the impression from the owner that, not only are black females "ghetto" or "thuggish dykes", but his complete lack of people of African descent on a blog about a country that has a large population of people of African descent and has largely been influenced by Africa, is telling. One can definitely conclude that the owner doesn't find people of African descent beautiful or civilized. I guess multicultural societies have their professional racists too.

I'm trying to think of fashion that comes out of what one might think of as the ghetto looking like this, and I can't think of anything. I can think of lots of stuff from the tackier end of the 80s looking like this, but that fashion didn't come out of the ghetto. So I'm confused. Is it the fashion that ghetto or something else? Pouffy skirts and weird combinations are NOT ghetto fashion in any way.

"I guess multicultural societies have their professional racists too."

Brazil's language is Portuguese, the people who formed the governmental and cultural institutions were Portuguese. Brazil has had throughout its history large numbers of Italian, German and Spanish immigrants come to its shores. 49.7% of the population self-identified as White, 42.6% as multiracial that could mean of indian-portuguese ancestry or portuguese-african ancestry or a combination of all three. 6.9% identify themselves as Black. Therefor I think his blog is reflective of the reality of Brazil's ethnic makeup. There's nothing racist about that nor about his comment, he never made any mention to race and if something is of poor taste like her combo then that makes it ghetto. So go take with you your accusations of racism to some Afrocentrist board that will surely accommodate your dribble.

Thanks Alexis, you summed it up perfectly in the first post. I'm so sick of people using the term "ghetto" to describe all things low class,tacky, and black.

You're full of shit Joao, and so are your bogus statistics. This blog in no way reflects the true racial makeup of Brazil. Not even close.

I think I know a thing or two of Brazil's demographics Michael but whatever take your hate with you somewhere else because true Brazilians are not into that kind of divisiveness.
"Brasil, um sonho intenso, um raio vívido,
De amor e de esperança à terra desce,
Se em teu formoso céu, risonho e límpido,
A imagem do Cruzeiro resplandece.
Gigante pela própria natureza,
És belo, és forte, impávido colosso,
E o teu futuro espelha essa grandeza."

since when "ghetto" means "black"? im brazilian with black heritage (who isnt in Brazil?) and you people are too uptight, ghetto is just a word and so is the "prohibit" word nigga, it's demeaning when you accept as demeaning, suit yourselves with your issues of insecurity instead of pride, nobody is forcing you to come here and be a hater and for those who havent watched the episode of project runway do not come to this blogg before you do it because "the rest of the world" probably dont have a dvr and watched already.

You're an idiot Andrea, and if you don't think nigga is a demeaning word, I encourage you to go outside and call every black person you meet a "nigga". When you get your dumb ass kicked, i'll rest my case.

If anyone is a hater, it's you.

Hey Joao, what makes you think you know any more about Brazil's demographics than I do? You have no idea who I am, where i'm from, or where i've been. I stand firmly behind what I said.

im not gonna go and call people nigga because people do think is demeaning i just happen to think is just a word and people make more than it is, otherwise they wouldnt call each other nigga in between them. why should we all be prohibit of using a word because white people from the past missused it? what do i have to do with it? i feel sad that you cant have an opinion or talk openly about this without thinking you're stepping on eggshells, im not a racist and i happen to live in a poor latin neighborhood and have no problem saying i live in the ghetto, i dont think ghetto is demeaning i think it has character it is real with simple people living in it, im not an idiot MIchael im just not gonna be politically correct and do and think the way people want me to.

You are an idiot as far as i'm concerned. Nigga/nigger is not just a word. It's rooted in centuries of discrimination and oppression of african americans. People have died because of that word. I don't refer to other black people as nigga/nigger, and neither do any of the black people I know, so your racist assertion that "they" refer to themselves that way is pure bullshit.

You're annoying Michael. Go away and take your black supremacist hate with you. I'll repeat myself we Brazilians do not indulge in those type of feelings and insecurities that you harbor. Now go attend your Black Panthers or Nation of Islam service and stop spreading your racist hate in this blog.

I'm annoying? i'm racist? a black supremist?
Nation of islam/black panthers?? WTF??

You're ridiculous, ignorant, and completely transparent with your own racism Joao. Everything you're trying to project onto me, is really all about you.

Btw, who decided you got to speak for all brazilians?? i've been to brazil, seen the racism, experienced it firsthand, and know plenty of black brazilians who live with racism in brazil everyday. That's reality.

I suggest you quit stewing in your own hate and denial.

Thought so. I'm Brazilian, born and raised with family members of all colors and proud of it. I'm not talking out of some trip in which I took with me my preconceived notion of race and portrayed it to another people. Michael you're ignorant, arrogant and your hatefulness doesn't stand a chance of spreading amongst Brazilians of all colors and shades in between, racist.

End of Story.

Still full of shit Joao.....just as expected. You can't refute/deny anything i've said, so you fall back on the ever tired "i'm from brazil so I know better" bullshit. Nice try, but no sale. You're still a racist, and your posts in this thread have been more than revealing of your true thoughts.

michael,joao can speak for me and im brazilian, also he gave you facts and demographics of it. im not ignoring history in relation to the word "nigger" in brazil we have a "demeaning" way to say you have black heritage and it's said "you have a foot in the kitchen" meaning one day your ancestors were working in the kitchen, they were slaves and i believe not just me but other people feel very proud of it, i actually when i explained my beautiful tan i mentioned and thank the gods for it. brazil is a country full of mixed races and it's hard to keep track of them, maybe let's say because the colonizers werent racists and liked to f*ck the slaves, well, thats brazil, and we are pretty laid back people, thats why you go to our country no matter where you are from we will treat you like a king and you will have the time of your life, or if we have a problem with you we will tell you or punch you in the face since you dont get sue for a fight, we are not oppressed. im not a racist, and maybe because of my culture and background i try to simplify things and it is really hard for me to understand how bad this hate is and in my prespective it is just a word in my portuguese/english dictionary.

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