Exclusively At Made In Brazil: Outtakes From Junior Magazine (Part II)

Here are a couple of more pictures of Carlos Freire which did not make it to the sixth issue of Junior magazine.



And say whatever you wanna say, but not only does this kid have a truly amazing body, he is also sweet and incredibly professional and easy to work with. You will be seeing him in a new project by Michael Roberts very soon.


Eu só disse o que a moda e as tendencias ditam e no que realmente eu acredito no que vai acontecer. Não tem nada haver com o Carlos Freire, não duvido que ele seja um profissional de primeira e tambem que ele tenha um corpo belissimo.

Não me intrerpete mal.

This guy is really amazing i love him!
every photo shoot is a good shoot for him that's a good model,it must be amazing to work with him!
oh and Henrique all that u say about trends is cool if u like that,but im not really interested in fashion i just wear what i like and it's comfortable and love manly hunkie guys that is my type of guy

I know he is cutie, he have a hot body, i know all off this. ITS NOT ABOUT CARLOS FREIRE, is about a new mens style. I understand your point of view as i hope u understand mine. U dont need to accept. This is a conversation not a war.



Carlos Freire is the cutest thing there is. I think it is totally wishful thinking for skinny boys to say that muscle is no longer trendy. What a joke. Hot 6 packs, nice big chests, curvy bulky arms will NEVER be a thing of the past. Plus C. Freire is not even that big anyways, he is extremelly defined which is even hotter. Sorry lazy bums. GET BACK TO THE GYM and stop being jealous haters. Inveja é foda viu.

Ui briga bilingual. Adoroooooooooooooooo.
Sou fã dele. Ele só precisa apagar um pouco o sotaque e correr para o sucesso. E para mim a praia ele é o cinema de ação.

I think there is no doubt he has an amazing physique, but I think he has been typecasted as just a body and whenever I see him in photo shoots the concepts themselves aren't very innovative or provocative and pretty much just center around his physique, which personally i have no problem with. In comparison to the other top Brazilian models he probably does the least of edgy, couture type work and more of fitness modeling. More power to him, te amo Carlos :)

Whatever. This guy is HOT and makes me think impure thoughts about what I might like to do with him if I ever had a chance to be alone with him for one hour.

Primeiro Tiago, independente do que dizes, tendência é tendência. Isso infelizmente não será você que ira mudar.

Segundo, querendo ou não você ou qualquer outro terá que engolir a mudança nos estilos, isso se você compra Dior Homme, Jil Sander e etc...

Terceiro, sim eu sou magro, com muito orgulho. Mas eu não estou dizendo isso contra quem seja musculado e que por sinal eu admiro homens que tenham um corpo definido ou seja musculado. Exceto quando não tem nada na cabeça o que geralmente acontece quando se absorve tanto narcisismo.

Não é inveja é realidade.

By the way, i will say this for the last time, ITS NOT ABOUT CARLOS FREIRE. Its about the new mens styles.

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