Exclusively At Made In Brazil: Outtakes From Junior Magazine (Part I)

Carlos Freire has landed the cover of the sixth issue of Brazilian magazine Junior looking hotter than ever. There were so many sexy pictures taken for his spread on the magazine that it was hard to pick only a few of them, so the editors were kind enough to send me outtakes to share with you guys.




I actually like these images without a lot of treatment better than the ones which were selected for the magazine.

All pictures by Didio. More coming tomorrow.


ok. his is hot.. everybody knows.. but its enought... by the way its over the muscle boys trend.. now is slim boys, like in dior homme, jil sander..

love your blog...

kisses from portugal

I think that Carlos Freire is the hotest guy...and i really don't see why is these manorexia a new trend...women r starting to reject these skinny stick models,,,they now embrance their curves to look like a girl not a broom!...i don't get why guys r now going for this kind of look of very skinny girl-like boys ...besides a healthy body is a healthy body,not a trend i mean if u r naturally slim it's ok but i actually know guys who just to lift weights with me at the gym and now r doing pilates and eating letucce salads...how dangerous

You're right, these photos are fantastic!! Thank you for sharing :)

i´m sorry.. but the fashion world is changing... all about fashion its a ilusion and superficial as a big part of the gay world.. hot guys, hot girls, this is not the real world.. maybe in 5 or 10 years, u will go with your girl friend to a store and u can buy a shirt or a skirt and share with your her...

And also, if u go to a store today, u will see 90% of the store just for girl and 10% for boys.. they now are trying to change this.. making more clothes for men because this is a good market to explore. but how they will do with muscle boys?! they are good in swinsuit but they dont look elegant in a smoking. so thats why they want slim boy, its easy to wear, elegant to wear them...

Gustavo, try to read, Fashion Zeitgeist " trends and cycles in the fashion system. i will see why...

by the way.. i´m sorry about my english

His sizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzling looks definitely pleases me!

well Henrique, Carlinhos is showing his body in a gay mag that it's all about to show hot guys(well not all but a very important part of it) and he do modeling jobs according to his body type ,theres all kind of models for very diferent markets even i have done some modeling jobs (only photo cause im short 5'11)there is a wide range of products,Mr.Freire is good to do swinsuit but he looks good with clothes,i personally find absurd and sad that there r boys and girls who r starving themselfs getting sick some of them having to use drugs to not feel the hunger just to look like a broom stick for something as shallow as "trend" to be fashionable and share skirts with girls(disturbing )...does it really worth it? i suffer a while a eating disorder im thank God beyond that and i think ...No,it dosn't worth it
But everybody have their own point of view...and my english is bad too :P

Gustavo, you are right! This "thin is in" crap will never take hold. Maybe with young highschool boys, but with young adult men (and older)--no way! It's a dumb fashion trend and androgyny is, like, sooooo uncool. All this "thin" stuff is actually from Japan (and Korea and China), where anime is big. Everybody looks like an anime character. It just won't catch on in the West. It's too extreme and, sorry, Henrique, but muscle guys look great in a smoking.

and how many boys some years ago was taking drugs to get muscles? do know this too of course Gustavo. i´m just trying to say is this new trend is open for new mens style, new point of view in fashion. and its not uncool like u said Mike. Now a men can use make-up, nice and sexy clothes, and a lot of things because of this trend and its not so discriminate like was 5 years ago. And if u like or not this is happening. Now in europe the boys just do summer and in some trend mark.

I know its hot a guy like this, and also he is the cover of a brazilian gay magazine, but you guys dont think its a lit bit enough, i´m not talking just about Carlos Freire.

And Gustavo, if your point of view of disturbing because a boy is problably going share a skirt with his gf, look what prada does, and also if u see in this way, all fashion word is a fetish, its about plaseare, about luxury, beuty. because we just need a few clothes to wear. true?

by the way fetish its a phyquitry desorder too.

kisses guys

Well, I just have to say that he lost me when he stopped having that juvenile face...he use to have such a cute face, he was actually cute, now his body is so...I don't know, like so forced and his face is very harsh...I don't know, I don't like him anymore...not as I loooooove Caio Castro, Smailey Constantino (that name!)or Marlon Teixiera...

This man is so handsome that he is literally pretty. Pretty in the sense of looking at a beautiful work of art or a beautiful sunset! Younger men really don't do much for me. This man is the exception.

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