SPFW: The Dandies Of Rio Hit São Paulo

Menswear label Reserva debuted in São Paulo on Monday with a collection inspired by Brazilian dandies. Even though I am not entirely sure the inspiration can be traced on the outfits, the boys at Reserva sent out a great selection of tops in pastel and neon stripes, floral print shirts, embroidered knits, and cargo shorts in a wide range of lengths to please every customer.



While many of the shows this week struggled to look more conceptual than they actually were, Reserva went straight to the point and presented clothes which guys will actually want to wear come spring. I give the label credit for that (and for having João Vellutini close the show).

Enlarged pictures and a video of the show after the jump.

Click on images to enlarge. Collection pictures courtesy of Agencia Fotosite.


////tem mais fotos da carreira do modelo /rodrigo Rothen? Pode postar e abrir um link pra ele?

More twinks in tacky clothes.

With the exception of a couple of the more Haysi Fantayzi (spelling?) outfits, these are clothes I would wear. One thing, Short overalls are never a good idea unless you're the star (female) of a mid eighties tv sitcom, Saved by the bell, A different wotld, Fresh prince, etc..

I gotta get the neon stripes sweater, so cool! Anywhere I can get that in Rio?

Some particularly interesting use of colors, even hot pink, in conjunction with fabrics i can deal with. I will be going back into the public eye with a crowd that offer major support to the arts. I am seeing some ideas that I hope will set me apart from the typical American crowd.

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