SPFW: Rosa Chá Or DSquared2?



The first ever Rosa Chá men's show last night opened with model Rodrigo Rothen showering naked on the runway. While the whole shower scene has been done before by Dean and Dan Caten at DSquared2, it was definitely fun to watch. The show which followed kept borrowing elements from DSquared2 and Dolce & Gabbana: a sleek black runway, a cast of oiled-up muscle boys, dance music blasting on the soundtrack, tiny swimsuits and shorts cut from the same pattern developed at DSquared2, cargo pockets galore, and four female super models thrown in the mix to gather even more attention from the media and balance the testosterone on the runway.

Trust me, I am not complaining from having to sit through a parade of sexy boys in swimsuits, but what I would have really liked to have seen are more original ideas. Designer Amir Slama is known as the king of the beach for his always innovative bikinis, so I was expecting a more creative and forward thinking take on men's beachwear from him. There were some pretty amazing swimsuits in the show. I don't understand why Slama decided to resort to such an overplayed gay aesthetic to present them.

Watch the show on the video below:

Naomi was also supposed to be at the show, but I guess she chose to do Dolce & Gabbana in Milan instead. Pictures of the collection in high resolution after the jump.

Click on images to enlarge. Collection pictures courtesy of Agencia Fotosite.


I agree with most of what you wrote. On the other hand I think I should ask who´s copying who anyways. Many things DSquared2 does are strongly "inspired" in Brazilian beachwear patterns. Worst of all, they don´t even copy the real thing: it goes all the way east to China (who copies an entire colour palette and many patterns from Brazilian fabric) and then back to NY 6th Avenue. Slama may have borrowed much from D&G and even from Armani (the square cut shorts topped by belts) but still the use of was genuinely Brazilian. And else, that speedo´s cut can be recognized by anyone who´s ever been to Ipanema. So, this may have been the best beachwear show I´ve seen in while. It was excellent to decide what I should wear this August in my vacation, since Butch is so hard to get here. Best wishes.

OMFG those swinsuits r amazing i wanted it all specially the red speedos with palms pattern, and the models r wow,Carlos Freire abs r sick! i'll love to know his work out plan... r just amazing
Well i think that maybe cause is the first Rosa Cha Male runway,the designer wasn't sure if it was going to work,so he stick to a safe show,probably for upcoming show'a he'll do something more original

u que é issoo?

sou u mais novo fã da rosa chá..
só homem lindo no desfilee!..

isso com total certeza é o motivo que vou começar a fazer academia em julho..

queroo um corpo gostoso assim!..

amo esse blog!..

This collection is amazing! I live n Miami and there is a void in the market for upscale,well made, classy, but trendy/sexy male beachwear Hopefully a large number of pieces will go into production and make it to the stores.

Can anyone tell me the name of the model in the second row, third picture from the left, wearing the teeny red speedo? He is absolutely breathtaking!



Does anyone know what the name of the song is that is playing from 5:00 to 6:00 of the video? I love it but I don't know what it is called. Please help!

I'm with Jav, who is that model? He's also in the second to last row, far right side.

Achei o maximo, iso é que é runway show, valeu, foi demais, tomara que essa propostas tao radicais como o gato pelado pra abrir o show sejam cada vez mais frecuentes e igual de bem feitas.


I accidentally stumbled upon this blog while Googling Henzo. Thank you so very much the photos of all these beautiful men and the video of the fashion show.

I had no idea Brazil was blessed with so many gorgeous men. Thanks for sharing.

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