SPFW: Gisele Comes To Town


Thanks to La Bündchen, the debut of the Colcci show in São Paulo turned into the hottest ticket of the week. She has reached such a celebrity status in Brazil that barricades had to be assembled outside the show in order to contain the masses of fans who were there just to catch a glimpse of the country's biggest export to date. I am a big sucker for her as well, so I obviously went to see the show even though it was a pretty cold Sunday night in São Paulo.

Gisele can rock anything. She can make tie-dyed jeans look sexy, and she can even get a crowd of editors to attend a train wreck of a show without paying any attention at all to the actual clothes. The show started out with spray painted jersey tops, evolved into a high-waisted bohemian denim moment which reminded me of last spring's D&G, and closed with batik jeans and some of the most ill-fitting tie-dyed chiffon dresses I have ever witnessed. So what worked for Colcci other than Gisele? Casting was flawless and perhaps the best one seen this week, and the editing and pace of the show were totally on point.

Watch Gisele's two entrances on the video below:

Pictures of Gisele backstage at Colcci and a video of the show after the jump.



Pictures courtesy of Agencia Fotosite.


You are just bitter, as usual.

What is the music tracklist for the whole show? I loved it...*swoons*

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