SPFW: Sexy Beach Bikers At Tufi Duek

There was a lot going on backstage at Forum Tufi Duek show yesterday. The stage designed for the show inspired by the dunes and sandbanks of Maranhão proved to be too intricate to be set up, and had to be completely taken down half an hour before the schedule time. I actually liked the idea of not having a stage since the shows in Brazil tend to be so much about the stage that little emphasis is put on the actual purpose of the presentation: the clothes. Besides that, who needs a stage when you have a line up with names such as Isabeli, Michele Alves, Bruna Tenorio, Daiane Conterato, and Camila Finn? I watched the show unfold from the dressing room, and captured it all on video. Check it out.

Click here to download the video above in high resolution for your iPod. Pictures of the Tufi Duek collection after the jump.

I have to say that this was the best Tufi Duek collection in a long time. Who would have thought that a biker twist on the dunes of Maranhão would result in such a sexy and sophisticated collection? I am sure that the investors who bought Tufi Duek's line a few months ago are more than pleased with the result, and that all the printed cocktail dresses will be best sellers at the store's boutique come spring.

Click on images to enlarge. Collection pictures courtesy of Agencia Fotosite.


Do you know where to buy Tufi Duek clothes online? I can only find his dresses on bluefly.com and they're not the most current. I love his clothing and would buy it if I could find it!

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